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First and foremost, we build software. All of our end-to-end IT solutions have a significant software component. We have skills across the gamut of software platforms. Whether you need web-based software or web services, desktop and client-server application, or an app for your phone or tablet fleet, we have a lot of experience in making software that works for you. You can see some of the stuff we have done, and read more about our software development services here. [More]


You wouldn't build a house without a plan, but every day, people trust software development to ad-hoc processes without understanding the impacts to their business or the preparations they might need to make a project a success. BuiltSmart's Solutions Team can help you integrate software, hardware, existing systems and processes into a cohesive end-to-end solution that supports your business with the minimum of disruption. [More]


If you need a helping hand to assist with your information technology projects, BuiltSmart can help. We have highly capable and experienced technology professionals with many years of industry experience. Whether you need some assistance planning your next system deployment, hands-on specialists to expedite your current project, or expert resources to supplement your existing team, we can assist. [More]

 Data & Reports

From legacy desktop database systems such as Microsoft Access to database servers including mySQL, SQL Server and Oracle, then beyond to Big Data solutions using NoSQL, BuiltSmart works extensively with data. From extraction and cleansing through conversion and migration and on to testing and reporting, our specialists can assist you to figure out the best ways to store, manipulate, manage and mine your corporate data to give you the best advantages for your business. [More]

 Educate & Train

Software is awesome, intuitive, and works the way you think, right! We've all heard that sales pitch from our suppliers, but in reality software that implements complex business processes is often complex in its own right. Whether it be face-to-face, e-learning, user guides, standard operating procedures, or something else, BuiltSmart's team are specialists in training & education to help you successfully embed solutions into your business. [More]

 About Us

Want to know more about who we are and where we come from? You can see some of our history from the original inception as BuiltSmart Software here. We've also got a bit of a portfolio going here, if you want to see some of the projects we've helped our customers with over the past 18 years. Finally, if you want to learn more about the people we employ and who can help you to deliver your next IT project, you can read more about our team here.

Work smarter, not harder! Make sure your software is BuiltSmart

From seeds planted in 1997, BuiltSmart Interactive was established in 2000 in response to the demand for quality, purpose built software created without a bias for toolset, database or architecture, BuiltSmart Interactive has delighted customers across Australia with end-to-end solutions, expert consulting and comprehensive training services for more than 18 years. We're currently expanding operations into the UK and the USA. Contact us to discuss how we can help your systems work smarter for you.

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