Sound and Music

Our original music production activities started back in the Atari ST days of the eighties and nineties, where we worked with Quartet and early versions of Cubase and Logic. These days, we use modern digital audio workstations like Cubase Pro and Logic for Mac. We've been working around multimedia audio production for more than thirty years. We currently focus on both midi and digital audio creation using Cubase and Logic, supported by Native Instruments and other top flight audio plugins and sound modules. We use hardware from Roland (keyboards, v-drums), Gibson, Epiphone, Takamine, Fender and Yamaha (guitars and basses). Our studio recordings are powered by Mackie mixers and Rode and sE microphones.

Our audio capabilities include Music generation, Composition, Soundtrack reinforcement/effects, Voiceover mastering, Mixing and mastering for digital platforms. We do not offer studio recording or studio rental to third parties at this time.


We've worked in animation and 3d for many years, originally beginning with Truespace and Lightwave back in version 3 of both products, and currently using Lightwave 2019, Blender, Poser Professional, Premiere and Photoshop as our platforms of choice, supported by numerous additional products from companies such as Daz 3d and Adobe. We use Wacom graphics tablets for creating, supported by the latest generation of 3d graphics processors from both the Nvidia and Radeon families.

We can produce animations, logos, introductions for presentations, keynote images, diagrams, charts and other imagery to your specifications.

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From seeds planted in 1997, BuiltSmart Interactive was established in 2000 in response to the demand for quality, purpose built software created without a bias for toolset, database or architecture, BuiltSmart Interactive has delighted customers across Australia with end-to-end solutions, expert consulting and comprehensive training services for more than 18 years. We're currently expanding operations into the UK and the USA. Contact us to discuss how we can help your systems work smarter for you.

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