Most businesses use some form of software as part of daily business processes. Whether it is a simple as the Microsoft Office suite of applications for general office tasks, apps to support field work or work in a non-traditional scenario, or more complex software such as management systems that maintain and monitor your policies and procedures, a repository for your customer information, your point of sale or stock control systems, there will likely be some software that you rely on to achieve your business goals.

While we all use software, there may not always be an off-the-shelf solution to fit your needs. Sometimes, even if an off-the-shelf solution does exist, it may be inflexible or may not adapt to the way you do business. In such cases, you might decide to try and customise your software, or build something from scratch to better suit your business needs.

BuiltSmart Software is the software development services arm of BuiltSmart Interactive. Through BuiltSmart Software, we offer businesses an affordable way to:

  • Develop tailored software solutions, whether you have a single user on the desktop, hundreds of users on an App platforms such as a phone and tablet, or multiple-users spread across offices or globally over the Internet
  • Enhance existing software to add new features or capabilities (conditions do apply to such customisation - such as an exposed API or customisation capabilities)
  • Develop interfaces to transfer data between your existing or legacy software packages
  • Extend or enhance your web site or Internet applications

BuiltSmart has skills and capabilities in most modern software development languages, including Microsoft's .NET (Visual Basic, C#), Visual Basic classic, Java, Javascript, Php, Cold Fusion, C, and Delphi. We offer customisation services to create macros and templates in the Microsoft Office suite, amongst others, as well as integrations and enhancements to applications and enterprise solutions that provide a web services or integration API.

If you have a problem that you think requires a software solution, talk to us about what we can do to address it.

Work smarter, not harder! Make sure your software is BuiltSmart

From seeds planted in 1997, BuiltSmart Interactive was established in 2000 in response to the demand for quality, purpose built software created without a bias for toolset, database or architecture, BuiltSmart Interactive has delighted customers across Australia with end-to-end solutions, expert consulting and comprehensive training services for more than 18 years. We're currently expanding operations into the UK and the USA. Contact us to discuss how we can help your systems work smarter for you.

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