A software project can be a major undertaking for most companies. Often, you are coordinating input from business experts, developers, project managers and end users. And that's before you get to the testing and deployment! No business is static, and as your business continues to grow and evolve, your software has to be able to move with you.

Most people wouldn't build a house without a plan, but every day people trust software development projects to 'seat of the pants' developers who offer no proper planning and no contingency for when things change. BuiltSmart's Solutions services, on the other hand, help you to integrate a tailored IT solution into your business with the minimum of disruption and the maximum of efficiency.

Our solutions architecture processes offer customers the ability to deploy IT solutions that can be maintained and enhanced in line with your evolving business needs. Our approach to solutions architecture follows a defined process:

  • Define - document what this project is going to deliver and how it fits into your business
  • Design - design a technical and functional solution that addresses the requirements that have been defined
  • Develop - apply the right tools and resources to develop the best fit solution to meet those needs
  • Debug - test and enhance the solution to ensure that it meets our rigorous quality control standards
  • Deploy - deliver, install and configure the solution for you so it integrates with your business processes

While some will say that you don't need documentation, or that formal testing is a waste of time and effort, the thing to remember is that the best software in the world will do you no good if it doesn't fit in with your business processes and the way that you do your work. If the software can't deal with all the situations your business faces, then it will fail.

Our Solutions services treat each software development as a project with its own lifecycle. Through our defined process, we develop the right solution for your business, giving you a solution which will do the job correctly from day one, while retaining the ability to be enhanced as your business evolves.

Each of the stages of our lifecycle has defined requirements (inputs) and deliverables (outputs), so it is easy for you to track the progress of your project. We have open communication and dedicated project management, so it is easy for you to ask for progress reports, and plan for what is going to happen next. Through our structured approach, we make it easier for you to plan for the deployment of your new software, and prepare for its integration into your business.

If you have any questions about how we work, or how this can benefit you, please contact us.

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From seeds planted in 1997, BuiltSmart Interactive was established in 2000 in response to the demand for quality, purpose built software created without a bias for toolset, database or architecture, BuiltSmart Interactive has delighted customers across Australia with end-to-end solutions, expert consulting and comprehensive training services for more than 18 years. We're currently expanding operations into the UK and the USA. Contact us to discuss how we can help your systems work smarter for you.

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